Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This is a gorgeous picture Lars took a couple of years ago. I absolutely love this pic!! This is taken from our boat on the Patuxent River. Aren't the leaves absolutely stunning?
Sooooo...... time for that first retreat! I have 4 students/guests signed up, so we have a full house! We went down last week, reopened the house and filled it with furniture, beds, kitchen utensils, new curtains, etc etc. Looks like a real home again! We've also taken it off the market for now. The market is soooo incredibly bad now and I can't plan retreats or classes or anything really with the house for sale. So, we're hoping that the retreats go well and will make the house payment for us! I don't mind working a little harder and teaching a little more!
OK, off to go finish those fabulous handouts for the retreat classes.

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Vickie said...

What a wonderful picture and location for a retreat :-) Maybe I'll have to fit one in - but not this year ;-)

vickie in nh