Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New beginnings

So, today I have decided to start a blog. I have enjoyed reading others' blogs, so I thought I'd try it!
I'll start off with a quick update of what we're doing now. The kids went back to school yesterday. (YIPPEE!!!!!) It's amazing how much Lars and I accomplished in one day without all the interruptions. "Mommy can I play on Daddy's computer?" "Daddy will you play with me?"
However, it was awfully quiet.
Now, to get back to filming the next DVD. The smoking machine has been repaired and we're ready to roll again. (I smoked my Pro with a power surge).
The retreats are off to a good start. The first one in Oct. is already full! Nov and Dec are halfway there, too. I'm so excited about these. If you haven't heard about these yet, you can find all the info on my website (www.atqsales.com) in the right hand box (Quilt machines).
Machine delivery to New Jersey tomorrow. I love love love seeing new owners so happy and excited and scared ~ all at once!
Off to work now. Promise to post more soon!