Monday, November 24, 2008

More business news ~ more digitized designs! Some of these came about by accident. I have a customer who sent me a chair back to replicate and we took some of the elements of it to make more designs with. Jessica also arranged the different elements into a fantastic wholecloth design. She continues to awe me with her creativity of my stuff! I'll try to put in pics of those later.

I've also got some great pics of the last retreat in MD. Here is one of Lars teaching the maintenance class on Sunday morning.

On the homefront ~ we've painted the upstairs bathroom and it looks a million times better now. I love blue and brown together, so that's what we've done, and added a new shower curtain and it's actually a place I like to be in now.
The girls and I went to get haircuts and have some "girltime" at the mall yesterday. They both look absolutely stunning now with their new 'do's and new shoes!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Well, now I can add "designer" to my resume! My swag designs are now officially published! I'm so thrilled! My digitizer, Jessica has been working hard with me over the last couple of weeks to get these done right away, because, well, as we all know, I have absolutely no patience. I want it and I want it now. So, here we are.
These designs are now available in several different formats for computerized quilting machines, for embroidery, and on paper as pantographs. It just doesn't get any better than that, does it? You can find these at
Poor Jessica, she has 20 more of my designs to work on! Wonder how long she'll be able to stand me?
OK, it's Monday so I gotta get back to work and catching up on all the orders that came in over the weekend.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This is a gorgeous picture Lars took a couple of years ago. I absolutely love this pic!! This is taken from our boat on the Patuxent River. Aren't the leaves absolutely stunning?
Sooooo...... time for that first retreat! I have 4 students/guests signed up, so we have a full house! We went down last week, reopened the house and filled it with furniture, beds, kitchen utensils, new curtains, etc etc. Looks like a real home again! We've also taken it off the market for now. The market is soooo incredibly bad now and I can't plan retreats or classes or anything really with the house for sale. So, we're hoping that the retreats go well and will make the house payment for us! I don't mind working a little harder and teaching a little more!
OK, off to go finish those fabulous handouts for the retreat classes.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bunch of sickos

First Naomi had strep. Had it for 2 days before the sore throat set it, so I had no clue that's what it was. The sore throat started on Saturday, of course. So on Monday we went to the Dr. On Tues, they got the test results and dished out meds. Had to be on meds for 24 hours before she could go back to school. So she went on Thurs. On Friday, the school nurse called and said Lara was sick. Same routine. I'm not feeling so great myself.

So......Lars had to go to NH by himself to do the quilt show. He's got help from Vickie, and all "my girls" have come by to bring him chocolate and cheer him up! This is a pic Vickie sent to me, taken while they were setting up the booth. I think they're doing just fine without me. Man, do I owe Vickie some favors now!!
Gotta go find some cough drops and crash on the couch.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Busy busy busy

I guess I'm a little overdue for a new post and you all thought I was gonna just drop this, didn't you? Well, I fooled you! Just been busy. Very busy, but that seems to just be the way my life is.
Last week we were at the PA National Quilt Extravaganza. We've done this show several times now, so there are lots of familiar faces in the crowd and it's always fun to see everyone! We just love our customers and friends to drop by the booth and hang out for awhile, and fill us in on all they've been doing for the last year. Too much fun!!
Next week, we had up to NH again for the World Quilt Show in Manchester. Didn't have much luck with this show last year, so we're hoping for a change this time. There's also lots of our customers and friends up there. We've gotten to know so many because we also do the MQX show up there in the spring. So, again, we're looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and I'm hoping Kim will bring me more chocolate! (Hmmm....wonder if she reads my blog, or should I send her a note?)
While I'm on the subject of MQX, I have submitted my class applications and gotten all 5 on the schedule. Have a couple of new ones planned, so I'm looking forward to working on my samples for those.
OK, gotta go feed the kiddos and do a load of laundry. So much for the exciting life of a quilting celebrity! HA!


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New beginnings

So, today I have decided to start a blog. I have enjoyed reading others' blogs, so I thought I'd try it!
I'll start off with a quick update of what we're doing now. The kids went back to school yesterday. (YIPPEE!!!!!) It's amazing how much Lars and I accomplished in one day without all the interruptions. "Mommy can I play on Daddy's computer?" "Daddy will you play with me?"
However, it was awfully quiet.
Now, to get back to filming the next DVD. The smoking machine has been repaired and we're ready to roll again. (I smoked my Pro with a power surge).
The retreats are off to a good start. The first one in Oct. is already full! Nov and Dec are halfway there, too. I'm so excited about these. If you haven't heard about these yet, you can find all the info on my website ( in the right hand box (Quilt machines).
Machine delivery to New Jersey tomorrow. I love love love seeing new owners so happy and excited and scared ~ all at once!
Off to work now. Promise to post more soon!