Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My, how time flies! After some harrassment from well-meaning readers of my blog, I have discovered that I have not posted anything new in over 3 months!
Well, obviously, I've been busy. For those of you keeping up with me thru other means (because you're obviously not going to find out much here!), you know that I'm in the middle of moving. So, now the BIG MOVE has occurred and I am drowning in a sea of boxes. They are everywhere ~ all over the place! Big boxes, small boxes, short boxes, tall boxes! And I have no idea how I'm ever going to get thru them all!
And, in the middle of all this, we're renovating the room downstairs that is my studio. It was the basement ~ block walls, concrete floor. We've now framed it, insulated it and drywalled most of the room. We've done enough that I can move in and set up shop again.
Well, that's all today. I've got to get back to the boxes. I'll try to not go long in between posts next time, and I'll also try to get some pictures of my new studio up soon!

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Vickie said...

welcome back :-) I can't wait to see pictures (hint, hint) of the new and improved basement studio