Thursday, March 26, 2009

Been really busy here with unpacking and getting settled in, and working on finding all my stuff so I can finish up my class samples for MQX. I've posted some pics here of the samples I worked on today. This is for a class called Not Gonna Take It Lying Down and it's all about things we can "make" on the longarm machine, but not actual quilts.
These are thread appliques ~ made totally out of thread. You see them here on water-soluble stabilizer, but when the stabilizer is washed away you're left with only thread. These are SO much fun to play with!!

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sahnrud said...

Imagine seeing my pic on your blog! WooHoo1 Seriously - I tried to make a scarf like you had shown us using water soluble stabilizer, but it just shredded when I stitched it.sahnrud