Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Going to a show!

See, I promised to do better, and here I am again, already!!
Today's post is not quilting-related, but I had to share. We went to a concert with friends last night. We went to see .38 Special and Styx. This is quite amusing to me because I saw both of those bands in the mid 80's, so here I am nearly 20-something years later, listening to the same music! So, we took the boat across the bay, parked it at a restaurant that we were really looking forward to eating at, and planned to leave the boat there while we went to dinner and the concert. Turns out, everyone else had the same idea! The restaurant was absolutely packed. So we wandered on over to the concert, just down the road, and ate at the food stands there.

The concert was wonderful! Except for the 4 people who were 2 rows ahead of us and refused to sit for the entire show. I have a lot of wonderful pictures of their backsides, but I won't share those with you. I will add a couple of pics from the show here, though. So, of course, by the time the show was over, it was dark and we had to take the boat back across. I had not been out for a couple of years, and I had completely forgotten how much I LOVE being on the water at night. No sunburn, no skeeters, no jet skiiers ~ just calm peaceful water and the company of good friends. That was my favorite part of the whole event!

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