Thursday, July 2, 2009

Alright, alright, alright, quit naggin'! I KNOW I haven't posted anything here for a long time....but I do appreciate that you all keep coming back, just in case!'s the scoop.....we moved back to MD, I had to get it together to teach MQX shortly afterward, and since then I've been up to my neck in boxes and painting rooms and now the kids are out of school for summer (whose bright idea was that anyway??) so I can't get anything done. Planted some flowers out front and as soon as I can find the camera I'll post some pictures of those. Got a beautiful shot of the magnolia blossoms.
So, we got a few machine sales from MQX, and now we're in the middle of delivering and setting up those. Got one done last week, and will do 2 more this weekend, and then we'll be all caught up. So I have several used machines and frames, if anyone out there is interested!
And we spent a couple of weekends up in PA. Kids had a blast on Uncle Justin's new go-kart and are begging for one of their own now.
Must close now and pack tools and stuff for tomorrow's machine delivery. I promise to look for the camera so I can post those new pics and I promise I will try to post here more often. 2 months is definitely too long!

Until next time.....

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