Friday, August 14, 2009

This old house....

My new (old) kitchen!

Wonder why I've been quiet lately? Been busy "making over" my house!

I thought I'd post some pictures of our kitchen renovation. It was the most work, and the most rewarding project we've done!

The first pic is the kitchen cabinets, freshly painted white, and the counter top has been removed. The backsplash is still there and the countertop was the same material.

The next picture shows the new countertop, and the beautiful new sink. The last one shows the new tile backsplash going in.
All in all, it was a lot of work, but made such a HUGE difference. We're very pleased with the results, and actually looking forward to doing some more projects with tile in the future!


Vickie said...

oh it looks so BEAUTIFUL!!!! love the paint, love the tile, love the whole look! Want to come and work on my house now??

fancystitching said...

OOOO! Really love the new counter tops! Be sure to post a picture of the totally finished kitchen!!